API Request Failed: POST

API Request Failed: POST /api/v4/accounts/73aefc514a4768b3d474c9cb4a9105ed/intel/attack-surface-report/checkers/spf_check (502)

Where are you seeing this?

Hi Sdayman, I think it was from my account / DNS, after I added SPF and DMARC record… these are complicated I have no much idea how to setup these, I just need to make sure email clients e.g. outlook etc. works well after add the cloudflare.

And now, in DNS, it says: “A few more steps are required to complete your setup.” ==> The number of lookups on your SPF record exceed the allowed limit of 10. This will result in emails failing SPF authentication. Review record. ==> what does this mean and what to do… no idea at all…

Please kindly help if you could, much appreciated.

Give dmarcian.com a try. They have an SPF wizard that might help here.

thank you sdayman! I will try… before using cloudflare, the original hosting company takes care all these settings and everything just simply work, I don’t know it is so complicated in cloudflare just to make the email working…

Cloudflare will publish whatever TXT records you enter in there, just like any other DNS provider. Just be sure any email-related hostnames are set to :grey: DNS Only.

Thank you sdayman for your prompt help here, it is useful to me, I think i will then ask my hosting provider to setup TXT records like spf, dmarc, etc. then copy over to cloudflare…

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I get this msg:
API Request Failed: POST /api/v4/accounts/e462666e75eb2df70af9b73aa4d0491c/intel/attack-surface-report/checkers/spf_check (504)

Bottom of the cloudflare site after set in ddclient use=web in his configuration.