API Request Failed: POST /api/dns_records (401)

Hi! So i put my new site with the domain darkprojects.cf on Cloudflare recently and tried to set my DNS records to point at my host, but for some reason I keep getting the error
“API Request Failed: POST /api/v4/zones/3fd533e14e72175f0efaaa206161019b/dns_records (401)”.
I checked Cloudflare servers and they’re fine. Please help, thanks. :frowning:

Records of a .cf domain cannot be managed via the API

Weird, since last time it worked.

It did work in the past.

You are doing this via the API, right?

i dont really know lol
i am using the thing on the cloudflare page for dns

So you are trying to change it on the site?

In that case it is not because of the restriction, but might be a temporary glitch. Wait an hour, should you still get the error then, open a support ticket.

Ok. Thanks.


Glad it’s working.

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