API Request Failed: PATCH (503)

when i try to change Browser Cache TTL i get error
API Request Failed: PATCH

i tried other setting like speed overview test speed
rocket loader also show error API Request Failed: PATCH
and many other options every option show error

Maybe you can try to refresh the dashboard page?

im trying from last 3 days i cant even view my global api keys
geting errors

Did you try open dash.cloudflare.com in incognito?

Ok, looks like incognito mode works.

I guess you need to clear cache and cookies in your browser.

I had these API errors when trying to change DNS, using Chrome. When I tried it in Edge, the problem disappeared. Not sure if that helps with your problem, but it fixed my API issue. I think API’s are your browser talking to the CF site so obviously there was something wacky with Chrome there. Good luck.

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