API Request Failed: Help please

Please help I have got an error like this. What’s the solution for this error?
API Request Failed: PATCH /api/v4/zones/94e44b2117a86ce443be15a2f01353f1/settings/always_use_https (403)


What browser are you using? There may be issues with some browsers?
Did you try open dash.cloudflare.com in incognito mode?

Hi! Thanks for your reply!

I’m using chrome. I think it’s not about the browsers. I already open with incognito mode and error message still appear when I want to click ON button in Always Use HTTPS setting. Do you have any other suggestion?

  1. Do you run an ad blocker or some sort of privacy extension possibly?

  2. If you look in the Firewall Events Log, do you see any blocks/challenges that correspond to when you were trying to run the test?

  3. Try the usual: clear your browser’s data/cache/cookies, use Incognito Mode, or try a different browser.

If all that doesn’t work, you email for a ticket: support AT cloudflare DOT com

Otherwise the best option would be to contact support at supportATCloudflareDOTcom or through the page support.cloudflare.com, this is something the Engineering would have to look at.

I’m trying to contact the support but I have error message again. The error message appear after I fill form domain&summary and then click next button. It’s just loading with this error message API Request Failed: POST /api/v4/accounts/916d285f5e84632929437d94002e93ad/support/ticket/suggestions (403)

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