API Request Failed: GET /api/v4/memberships (404)


After adding free website I am getting API Request Failed: GET /api/v4/memberships (404) this error on my dash. Can’t access to the cloudflare.

How to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance.


I am having the same problem. I cannot access ANY thing in my CloudFlare account. I can’t switch back to the old dashboard; I cannot do anything. I have access to nothing on CloudFlare.


Me too, is it something to do with the new dash rollout?


Can confirm happening here too


Same here! And at the worst possible time…


I’m having the same problem.


Cloudflare system status shows:
Investigating - Cloudflare is investigating issues with the Cloudflare dashboard. This incident does not affect the Cloudflare CDN and therefore the delivery of customer websites is not impacted.
May 23, 21:00 UTC


Hey there,

Follow the status page for updates on this:


You may try again now with a browser refresh.


Thanks Andy, I saw. Temporary fix is perfect! Dashboard works now

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