API Request Failed: (504)

API Request Failed: GET /api/v4/zones/73298ba078285ec7cb1770138979fc5b/speed_testing (504)

I wonder if anyone has this same experience when I check the speed this error is showing up.

502/504 from Cloudflare
A 502 or 504 error originating from Cloudflare appears as follows:

If the error does not mention “cloudflare,” contact your hosting provider for assistance on 502/504 errors from your origin.


To avoid delays processing your inquiry, provide these required details to Cloudflare Support:

Time and timezone the issue occurred.
URL that resulted in the HTTP 502 or 504 response (for example: )
Output from browsing to (replace with the domain and host name that caused the HTTP 502 or 504 error)

Also it’s been awhile since you made this post, so you may try the action again before preforming the actions I’ve gave you

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