Api Request error when creating a new custom email address

just wanted to test the new email forwarding feature.
I always get two “API Request Failed: POST /api/v4/zones/AN_ID/email-fwdr/rules (undefined)” errors when creating a custom email address.
The target email gets the verification email and gets listed as verified destination address, even with those errors, but it seems like the internal mapping does not work.

I am using Firefox 95.0.2 (64-Bit) and I am also not able to have a deeper look in the network traffic with right click → inspect → network activity. The whole browser crashes, If I have open the inspection window while clicking on the save button of the create adress section.

Another beta user here… is this just an error that pops up as you use the web application or are you directly hitting those APIs yourself? I’m looking for the docs to do all this stuff directly via APIs. Happen to know where those are?

Now that I read this more thoroughly I see it’s actually a duplicate to the issue I just posted in another thread! My firefox crashes on background verification too.

If I am in the website setting up some emailiases and I add a new target address, the verification email goes out, arrives at the destination, I click the verification link, a new web window opens, the email is verified, all good there.

If then I go back to the original window from which the verification was invoked, I can’t reload that page without Firefox completely dying (all windows go down hard). Restart Firefox and boom down they go again as soon as that window is reloaded.

Close that old window and open a new one to navigate to that same spot and all is well. Something very bad happens when the verification status of the target email happens to surprise the active window.

Firefox v96.0.2 (64-bit) as Snap for Ubuntu

This is probably a duplicate of someone else’s thread I just found.