API not working since 30th Nov 2018?

I noticed firewall access rule by zone stopped working. Looking at the audit log, the last successful access was 2018-11-29 06:59:15 (GMT+8). Coincidentally, the https://api.cloudflare.com/ documentation was last updated on the 29th Nov 2018.

May I know whether is there currently an outage or the API documentation has been revised?

Could it be that no request has matched since then? If you are absolutely sure there is something off I’d open a support ticket.

No changes to the code was made and so there is no reason why there is no match. Was there a change of documentation? What was the changed in documentation on 29th Nov 2018?

Which code? The question was whether there could be a reason why there simply are not matches. What rule is it? The documention is most likely unrelated.

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