API not accepting TTL value either as integer or as an array

Hi Members,
I am using V4 API and creating a DNS record using API. I am passing below values:
[method] => POST
[headers] => Array
[content-type] => application/json
[x-auth-email] => [email protected] (valid email here)
[x-auth-key] => 33333ff3333333333 (valid key here)

[body] => {"type":"A","name":"mail.domain.com","content":"66.66.666.66","ttl":100}


It is giving below error:

[code] => 1004
[message] => DNS Validation Error
[error_chain] => Array
[0] => stdClass Object
[code] => 9021
[message] => Invalid TTL. Must be between 120 and 2,147,483,647 seconds, or 1 for automatic


Can anyone help what is the error here?

Thanks in advance!

The message cant really be any clearer :slight_smile:

I tried 3600 too but the same result.

Can you post a full cURL call with a correct TTL and its output?


It is working now, accepting 3600 too.

Thanks for your help @sandro