API keys limitation


Please correct me if I’m wrong but it looks that I cannot limit access for particular API key
only to some of DNS records in one zone.

In addition I would like to know if there is some limit for the amount of API keys (if above it’s true then I will need ~ 20 API keys each with specified access to only one dedicated zone).


You can have up to 50 API keys per user account.

I have one more follow up question - is it possible to delegate subdomain to dedicated zone in CF? So far I cannot find information about (I’ve only found a way to do it for external DNS servers). I mean we have domain in CF:


We would like to create (in CF) dedicated zone for level2.example.com so we could create DNS records using CF API keys i.e.


and that CF API key would be allowed to add DNS records only in level2.example.com zone.

Unfortunately, this still requires an Enterprise plan.

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