API Key Why C Flare asking for it?

why is CFlare suddenly asking for api key and how do I get it?

What is CFlare? The best bet is to ask them why they need an API key.

You can generate API Token here: https://dash.cloudflare.com/profile/api-tokens

OK but which one do I create?

After a few years, any idea why CFlare is asking for this token?

Where is Cloudflare asking for your API token?


Albert, I log in to my WP dashboard, then go to Settings > Cloudflare, and I see this screen. I’s Never asked for this before, could my subscription have expired?

This is not Cloudflare asking for your api tokens but the WP dashboard. Looks like some integration with Cloudflare that needs the admin keys to allow you to control your cf website from their WP dashboard. Why they started asking for it, we don’t know… I suggest you check with them (assuming you trust them).


Zaidoon who is They? I’m the admin for the site?

They is whoever made the plugin that is being used with WordPress.

So I contact CFlare about this? If so got a link for the correct contact page? I tried contacting them a few hours ago and ended up on this support forum.

Yes. The only official Cloudflare WordPress plugin is APO.

I don’t use WordPress but wherever you installed the plugin from should have a page with the settings of it.

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