API is not working after enabling SSL

I configured my server to serve an API using Nginx and node.js it is working with SSL mode off (in HTTP mode) but as soon as I enable any kind of SSL it will not be responding anymore.

I would appreciate any help

Are you saying you installed SSL on your server, and now your API isn’t working?

I didn’t install SSL on my server I tried flexible

Then just leave SSL off. If you want to use SSL, install a certificate at your server. Cloudflare can generate one for free:

I am using multiple subdomains and one of them is API, isn’t there any way to let cloudflare secure all of them automatically? for the rest of them it is working (they are serving static files) but on API I’m having this issue

Cloudflare can’t secure your server. Only you can (or your host).

Hahaha, I know that, I mean I would be more than happy if I could find a way to use flexible SSL on my api as well


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