API for specific file access stats

Hi everyone

I’m looking to potentially become a customer. One thing I’m unable to find in the API documents is do you provide an API that returns file access stats?

I want to know how many times a specific file is accessed that I’m having cached at Cloudflare and would need an API to consume that data.

Eg. Let’s say I want to host a small video file (video1.mov) on my website. Cloudflare is providing the caching of video1.mov.

What I don’t know is how many times video1.mov was requested and served up by Cloudflare.

I’d like to know how many times video1.mov was served up by Cloudflare (without having to hit my website).

That would only show up in a log, and that’s an Enterprise Plan feature. You might want to take a look at Logflare, but I don’t think it has an API.

Thanks so much on the reference to Logflare.

Re: Enterprise plan. Does anyone have an order of magnitude on the cost of the plan?

Hi @gaberad,

It really depends - the pricing varies depending on what features you require etc.

Probably worth contacting sales about :slight_smile:


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