API for listing blocked content on a zone

After enabling the CSAM scanning tool we’ve got some matched URLs we’d like to import into our existing workflows, but I’m struggling to find the API endpoint to help me do that. Is there an endpoint which surfaces these sorts of blocks? They’re all Legal 451 blocks.

I’m also struggling to find helpful keywords to find duplicate questions, so apologies if this has been asked before.

Hi @travisr,

Could you provide more context?
Some screenshots would help.

but I’m struggling to find the API endpoint to help me do that.

Have you checked the developer documentation?
The docs have the links to the API you need to work Cloudflare configurations.

Thank you.

Hi @oshariff, thanks for the reply.

I’m looking for an API which exposes this information:

I’ve looked through the documentation and haven’t found anything on this. The Cloudflare Dashboard’s internal API appears to have support, but obviously I can’t use that with a regular API token.

I’m hopeful I just missed the endpoint, or don’t know the keywords for what I’m looking for.

Hi @travisr,

Eugh, this falls under legal.
There is currently no API to expose this data set.

The API page is for Customer facing products.
This however falls under a completely non Customer facing issue.

Support has no visibly here either.
You need to consult the Abuse (Trust and Safety) Team via the web form or the email they send you directly.


Thank you.

Hi @oshariff thanks for the pointer. This feature is actually opt-in: CSAM Scanning Tool · Cloudflare Cache (CDN) docs

I understand if there’s still no API for it, but I would argue it’s “customer facing” as a thing I can turn on :wink:

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