API errors on Cloudflare Dashboard

I am testing http/3 with Cloudflare Dashboard and I am getting so many issues.

For example when I try to enable/disable “Under attack” mode, or when I try to switch to an other categorys (Firewall, Access, etc).

This is one of them:

It may be something is having some issues at the moment.
Seems to be a temporary glitch?

Maybe related to some issue from Cloudflare Status board?:

If the error persists, I’d open a support ticket by contacting Cloudflare support:

This is the seccond day with http/3 enabled (Firefox 86.0.1) and continue with the same problems, now on Cloudflare Dashboard’s loggin page too. At the moment, just on Cloudflare Dashboard’s site.

I have checked element inspector and I have gotten this issues (check http “version”):

(I have open a suppor ticket)