API DNS List Query

Following Cloudflare API Documentation there is no examples of how to use the “Query Parameters”. Does anyone have an examples i.e. “list only TXT records with a name of…”

The dashboard uses the exact same endpoint with the same options (although under dash.cf/api instead of api.cf/client), the same is true for most endpoints, it’s really helpful to figure things out where the docs are lacking, just open up dev tools (ctrl+shift+i) → Network tab and watch the parameters it uses.
Ex what you’re asking for would be something like this:
or contains

Thanks Chaika - I’ll bear that in mind - I had seen that cloudflares web frontend uses the same API so thats helpful.

So the only way is to use the URL to pass the parameters rather than headers in the HTTP request (which would be encrypted over a HTTPS connection whereas the URL method would be visible in the TCP packet)?

The only thing that is not encrypted in an https connection is the Server Name Identifier sent during the start of tls clientHello. The Server Name Identifier (SNI) is just the hostname, ex: api.cloudflare.com. Everything else, including anything in the URL like those Query Parameters, are fully encrypted and safe.
The only real concern with query parameters is that if it was a request by a browser it’d be in their browser history/could be repeated by the back button, but this isn’t anything that sensitive nor used by the browser directly. Sometimes browser extensions will log/leak the full url as well.