API: Created Domain and SSL Not Working

We have created a domain via the API: EXAMPLE2.COM. The problem we’re having is that the browser says that the Web site it is not secure, because of an SSL configuration error. However, Cloudflare says that the SSL certificate is active.

The browser is reporting that it is trying to use a SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt. The virtual host configuration is configured to use Let’s Encrypt. But the domains are different. The virtual host is configured to server CDN.EXAMPLE1.COM.

We’re considering that this may be part of the issue, but while we’re looking into that we also wanted to check and see if it could also be the following:

When we created the domain it had 4 A records pointing to 3 different IP addresses. Could that have interfered with the initial SSL configuration?

Go to your DNS settings in Cloudflare and make sure this specific DNS record has an orange cloud next to it; if it’s a grey cloud :grey:, click it to turn it to orange :orange: (this enables the Cloudflare proxy/CDN).

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Thanks Judge. That worked (in addition to changing the type to Flexible). We updated our API integration so that it enables the proxy and sets the SSL type as well.

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Not good. Dont do that. Flexible should never be chosen. Switch that to Full strict and make sure you have a certificate on your server. Right now your site is still insecure.

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