API blocked?

I am trying to use Thrivecart to initiate an order through a sales funnel, which will purchase a print on demand book at the website Lulu. Thrivecart is sending a request to Lulu through it’s API (developers.lulu.com) which will access two PDF’s which are hosted through Bluehost on my website, but my DNS resolver is pointing to Cloudflare.The request is getting rejected with status code 406. I’ve talked with Thrivecart support which said everything is working on there end. I talked to Lulu and they said my file is approved and there isn’t any problem. I talked to Bluehost they checked the log file and said there were some permissions that may have been blocking the transaction through API, however they said since my DNS points to Cloudflare, the issue is with Cloudflare. I don’t have any thing setup in the firewall which could be blocking this on my end in Cloudflare. If anyone can help with this I would appreciate it, since I have not got a response from Cloudflare support.

error 406

Is there a way to get the full error message shown in your picture?

If you opened a support ticket here, can you post the Ticket #?

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A person I work with opened the ticket. Here it is:195661

This is the whole error message. I took out my domain but you can see it in the image I posted. That is where the PDFs were stored.

interior:Unexpected Http response for source url ‘https://www.xxxxxxxxxx.com/lulu/interior.pdf’. Status code: 406, body: Not Acceptable!

Not Acceptable!

Hi @beatstockpromotersdo, can you verify the ticket number, 195661?

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Sorry it’s: 1956618

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Thank you. I see the ticket and have added myself to it. +1 to the comment from @sdayman on full error message. In meantime, I’d check the api key for trailing spaces, any typos. If you pause cloudflare, does the error go away?

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I forgot to mention a couple details. In addition to Thrivecart, I used Convertri to create my website where my sales funnel is. But my domain is from Godaddy, so I created a subdomain and then I had to setup a CNAME with Cloudflare for both Thrivecart and Convertri, to get my site to display correctly on my own domain, I believe for Convertri I had the orange cloud unchecked. For Thrivecart I had the orange cloud checked. So there is no easy way to test if it will work with cloudflare paused.

Do you have any update on this? I’m trying to get the full error from lulu but so far have no been able to.