API как удалить домен с помощью API ? не создавая проект

API how do I delete a domain using the API ? without creating a project

как узнать id_zone по имени домена, используя API?
чтобы удалить домен, мне нужно узнать его zone_id. !

а чтобы узнать zone_id по имени домена,
функция “Get domain” запрашивает {project_name}
для этого мне придется создавать проект в GIT?

как узнать id_zone домена, не используя PROJECT, и не создавая проект в (CF) GIT?

**? как удалить домен используя API ?

API how do I delete a domain using the API ? without creating a project

how do I find out the id_zone by domain name using the API?
to delete a domain, I need to find out its zone_id. !

and to find out the zone_id by the domain name
, the “Get domain” function requests {project_name}
for this I will have to create a project in GIT?

how can I find out the zone_id of a domain without using PROJECT, and without creating a project in (CloudFlare) PSHE?

**? how do I delete a domain using the API ?


The ID is listed on the screen and can be retrieved via Cloudflare API v4 Documentation.

как получить zone_id?

функция “Get domain” просит {project_name} чтобы получить zone_id

как получить zone_id не создавая проект cloud flare (git) ???

how do I get the zone_id?

the “Get domain” function asks {project_name} to get the zone_id

how to get a zone_id without creating a cloud flare (git) project???

I just wrote that in my earlier response.

Okay, then another question:
how do I find out the zone_id? by domain name!
without creating a project!

Хорошо, тогда другой вопрос:
как узнать zone_id? по доменному имени!
не создавая проект!

Again, that’s precisely the question I addressed in my very first response.

Can you clarify what’s not clear about it? And there’s no need to post in Russian, as I don’t speak it anyhow and the forum is primarily English focused.

I apologize for the inattention!

I didn’t pay attention to the link below “Cloudflare API v4 Documentation”, I
thought it was just a link to the general documentation,
but this link leads to the function that I need.

Thank you for your help! You have helped me a lot!

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