API Analytics, zone does not have access to the path

I’m on the free plan and was following the getting started guide for analytics. The example code was returning zone does not have access to the path. After much searching, I found that my account doesn’t have access to httpRequests1mGroups.

According to the limits section https://developers.cloudflare.com/analytics/graphql-api/limits/ which discusses what plan has access to what path and date range, I have access to a few choices.

  • browserPerf1mGroups
  • httpRequests1dGroups
  • etc…

I searched the API docs for those above words to see what they would offer to me and to see what parameters they required. However, they did not come up in any of the searches.

How can I see the documentation on how to properly use the various paths?


Hello John. I have the same issue with GraphQL. How did you resolve your question?

I also had this question, since the official Cloudflare docs lag behind the actual GraphQL endpoint.

So I maintain a static schema document (generated from the live endpoint) and make it available for anyone to check out.

It lists at the top of the document which account-level and zone-level datasets are available to access for all Cloudflare plans.

Hope that helps,
- John

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Thank you very much. It’s super helpful information.