API Access err Unable to find record

I use the Cloudflare API access with DNS-O-Matic with success since a while.

Today I have enabled the Bot Fight Mode in Cloudflare without changing anything other than that, and later I started to receive the error:

err Unable to find record

Now this error persists regardless the fact I have restored the previous settings disabling Bot Fight Mode.


Seems that for some reason, it started to stop seeing the specific Id I have set for A DNS record (pretty weird since it worked before).
Renaming it, now works again.

Hi SMH17,

I’ve been with the same problem for two days. Can you tell me how you renamed the DNS record so that everything goes well between DNS-O-Matic and Cloudflare?


The value you put in DNS-O-Matic Cloudflare service for “hostname” field, is the DNS entry updated in your Cloudflare DNS Zone.

For some reason seems that some DNS Ids aren’t accepted anymore (some weird blacklist system? who knows…).

To fix the problem just access your Cloudflare DNS configuration panel (where you have A, CNAME, MX etc.), change the “Name” field of the entry of your interest (likely your A record entry), and after that, change its value in DNS-O-Matic panel for the Cloudflare service as well, in order to match with the new Id.

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Hello again @SMH17,

First of all, thanks for your quick response.

I have followed the steps that you have indicated to me and I have been able to verify that it works correctly, but I have a doubt. If I change in this case the register A “example.com” to “example1.com”, the services associated with the first name stop working. How have you done it?

You can call register A Name Id in whatever way you want. A is the address record, regardless you call it mickeymouse or pippo, the important thing is that you link it properly with CNAME registers values in order to use canonical name of your domain.

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