API 429 Too Many Requests Error Installing Zones/Domains

Hello experts! I am using the cloudflare API to install domains/zones for my clients with hundreds of domain names. After about 500 API calls over 10 minutes I get a 429 Response and then I have to wait an hour or more to run them again.

The current API limit is somewhere in the ballpark of 1200 calls per 5 minutes, I am way under that and seem to be running into a 429 error still.

Some of my clients have over 600 domain names, and this would take 5 hours to install with the current limitations within the API. I have it set to 6 calls every 30 seconds to process this volume without running into the 429 error.

I run a jump_start, then get the zone ID, then set 4 DNS records. I should not be triggering a rate limit at all. 12 API calls per minute does not seem to be correct. I also make sure all Name Servers are changed prior to installation.

Can someone assist me here with some guidance.

Using Python requests, free account, with my CF auth token.

Thanks in advance experts.