Api 403 errors on Cloudflare Dashboard

Hello Everyone,

Seems like every weekend I have been dealing with issues with the Dashboard. Yesterday was intermittent outages that was not published to the status page and now i am facing this error API Request Failed: GET /api/v4/zones/c74da5450d698e75c92334a84bd5d8cc/entitlements (403) when I try to modify DNS records.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Looks like the Dashboard went down again. This has to be the 100th time that the dashboard died in the past 3 months. Why is CloudFlare dishonest regarding their status page? It never reflects the actual service status.

Shame on you Cloudlfare.

I believe the status page is manually updated if there are widespread incidents, it will not show an individual problem. Cloudflare is usually pretty transparent where there have been issues.

I am not having any issues using the dashboard, perhaps it’s a localised issue to you, I can’t confirm it.

There are complaints on other sites about this specific issue. This has been an ongoing problem for many months now with no acknowledgement from Cloudflare except for the tweet they put out June of last year. Maybe they like to makes changes on the weekend when they think nobody will notice. Without any official information all I can do is speculate.

I’m afraid I haven’t seen these.

What has? You have been having the same error editing DNS records? I haven’t seen any reports of that before.

Im talking about the Dashboard outages and api errors. I guess this problem doesn’t exist since you “havent seen any reports of that before.”

I did not say that your problem doesn’t exist, I just said that I haven’t seen it reported here before. Usually we get a lot of reports at the same time if there is something wrong with the dashboard.

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Well at this point I cant reach the dashboard and nobody from Cloudflare support bothers to read any posts on this forum anyway. I will have to just deal with it until somebody acknowledges the problem.

Do you have a ticket number with support that I can escalate?

If not, please email [email protected] from the email address on your account. Please share the ticket number you receive in the auto reply.