Apex record not getting resolved


Hi, I am using Route53 as my domain registrar and have correctly pointed my Nameservers to cloudflare as shown here:

WHOIS Lookup is still pointing to AWS even after 3 days.

dig NS theuidev.com +trace is timing out. Please advise.

Cloudflare DNS is configured like so:


Please make sure you’ve changed the nameservers in the correct Amazon system. Right now whois reports your nameservers as route53 servers.


I think Route 53 may have both a registered domains and hosted zones section… I’m not exactly clear what the difference is, but you may need to make the change in uh… the other one than what your screenshot shows.


Ah, thanks! that might be it. I’ve changed it there. Will ping back if it starts working :slight_smile:


whois results look correct and a dig +trace does as well. Now if we can just manage to issue you an SSL cert. :slight_smile:
OK… looks like that worked too. :smiley:


Awesome! Thanks as lot @cscharff ! I was struggling with this for last few days.