APEX (@ record) in DNS editor

There seems to be no way to update the apex entry in the DNS page.

Any ideas?

Can you explain what you mean? I’m certain you can…

I moved our hosting from wordpress to our own server, but cannot change the DNS to allow SITE . COM to resolve the correct IP. Adding an A record to allow for www . SITE . COM s not an issue. Traditional DNS entries have an @ entry, the apex entry, that resolves the top level domain. It is not listed at all here

Cloudflare converts the @ to site.com it is functionality equivalent.

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I cannot update the CNAME that is SITE . COM It does not allow me to. I added an IP there, and get the error: CNAME record is invalid

You cannot enter an IP address into a CNAME record. Delete the CNAME and create an A record with name @ instead.

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OK, deleted the CNAME. I cannot add an @ - it does not allow that, and cannot add a CNAME point to an IP addres. Advice?

Why can you not add an A or AAAA record? What error do you see?

An A record named @ with the IP gives me “Record already exists” (error 81057)

Can you make a screenshot of your DNS records and share it here?

As you can see, the error message is correct. The record already exists, it is marked blue on your first screenshot.

That is not an @ entry. Adding that does not allow an IP resolve for the domain

Yes, it is.

This is with that A record added

dig +short thecoachessite.com

Works fine for me. If it doesn’t work for you, that is probably a cache problem.

The resolve should be:

No, it shouldn’t, as the record is proxied.

See How Cloudflare works · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs for why this is.

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It should be like looking up www