Apache webserver created site question

I have created a basic html page on apache2 on a pvt server with a cloud hosted provider. The basic page loads up with the public ip of the cloud hosted provider which is great. However after adding the vhost for my site the page does not load in a browser with the sitename. I understand that i have to register the DNS for thesite name with DNS hosting service such as Cloudflare. Is that right? I have however seen videos of folks who were able to call example.com on http server without registering the site with a DNS. Why am i seeing This site can’t be reached in my browser?

When trying to register mysite.com with the publiip on Cloudflare I am asked to update nameserver to a Cloudflare provided nameserver. What is the nameserver in my case. Does this mean i have to update mysite vhost entry with the Cloudflare namespace Any help is appreciated

You need a registered domain in order for people to reach your website using a domain name.

Locally, you can create your own hosts file on your PC just so you can reach an unregistered site.

Thanks I got it! Appreciate the help. The host provider has a public dns for the ip for which my page works. I tried that and it works now.

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