Apache Thousands of Requests Generates!

Hello Guys,

I am facing a problem with my mangazuki.online website. 2 Days ago my site is started down in every 10 minutes and the down time of site is almost 10-15 minutes. When i am calling to my hosting manager he said due to huge load of traffic, Apache requests generated in thousands. I can’t understand what it means. So i am going to host my site on cloudflare and Hoping That my website will no longer be down on Cloudflare. After successfully running almost 1 hour my site again started down. Anyone please help. I am very very upset about this serious issue.

Due to website down in every 10-15 minutes I’m sitting and open the cpanel of server all the time to restart the server. Please help.

Thanks in advanced!

this should help you:

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thank you so much. Now i am secured my site and site is not down after ddos protection. Thanks Again :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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