Apache Server send Error for Cloudflare IP

I have this error and when I checked the IP it’s from Cloudflare service. please help me I think this is a very important problem

That looks like some PHP output and the fcgid reference would suggest there is some local problem with your server. You need to talk to your host about that.

Thank you so much Sandro. unfortunately, I can not get help from them. let me explain what I am doing.
I have a WordPress site with huge Traffic and 1 server can not handle it so I put 5 Server 1dedicated as SQL Server and 4 other running the site and they all connect to dedicated one, do you think is it related with what I’m doing? does CDN try to do something and get Error because of my Configuration?

Thanks in advance

It could be, but it completely depends on our setup.

Unfortunately that topic is quite beyond the scope of the forum here, as the forum is only for Cloudflare specific issues.

I cant say whether your host is ultimately responsible for that. If they are, and they refuse to help you I can only suggest to switch host. If they are not (unmanaged service for example) you best take this to your web developer. Of course you could also post a question at StackExchange and the like.

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