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I have setup a very basic Cloudflare account for my website. I think I set things up correctly, however, it seems like whenever I browse to my website, I see the accesses in my server Apache log files. I thought one of the main purposes of Cloudflare was that they cached my files worldwide such that accessing the origin server wouldn’t happen. So, either I have done something wrong in my configuration or I’m not understanding things. Either way, I’m hoping some of the experts here can help me to better understand.


Cloudflare has over 200 data centers, each with their own servers and individual caches. All of these work independenly from each other, unless you have Argo with tiered caching.

It takes a few hits for each proxy server before it allocates resources to cache a specific URL. And it only holds onto it for a few hours, unless it’s frequently accessed. Then the process starts over.

Thank you for that explanation.

If I’m understanding correctly, you are saying that after I upload files to my website, when I access the site with my browser, the Cloudflare datacenter will pull the file from my origin server. At some point, the Cloudflare datacenter will decide to cache the file. But that doesn’t simply happen after the first access. It may take a whole bunch of accesses before deciding to cache the file(s).

And even after it has cached the file, several hours later it may remove the file(s) from the cache and again require access to the origin server.

Is there any good way to tell when the files are actually coming from the cache? I mean, if files are often retrieved from the origin server, I’m not sure setting up Cloudflare is worth the hassle. How do I know it is ever working?

Thanks again.

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