Anyway to reduce rate limiting price?

I had my rate limiting set to:

  1. 50 requests per 1 minute, Challenge
  2. 100 requests per 1 minute, Block for 1 hour

What if I configure to:

  1. 200 request per 1 minute, Challenge
  2. 500 requests per 1 minute, Block for 1 hour

Will it help to reduce the price? As I knew that the pricing are charged on every allow request. Just need to know the how it charge at the behind.

Thanks :pray:

This depends on the URL you’re Rate Limiting. If it’s * (everything), then you’re going to block more legitimate traffic. I suppose that will save you some money, but annoy legitimate users. From what you’ve outlined, it really doesn’t make any difference. Your legitimate traffic isn’t supposed to be rate limited, so you’ll be charged for all of it.

If you want to save money, you’ll do better by more strategic targeting. Rate limit a single URL, and it will be watching a lot less traffic, so you’ll be charged less accordingly for letting legitimate requests through.

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I see, thanks a lot, will try it out now. Like what you said, my rules currently are set to *. So the cost definitely higher that I expected. Anyway, thanks a lot

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