Anyway to make SSL issuance faster?


I’ve deleted one of my site setting because trying to change to new account without realising theres many subdomain under my domain. Now my subdomain is experiencing down time because the ssl setting in cloudflare is deleted.

Is there any way to speed up ssl issuance? My site is


At the moment we’re experiencing delays with our SSL certificate authority for our free certificates and are working to remedy it. It’s not a good answer, but the paid certificates use a different queue/provider which would likely be faster… but we’re working with our partner to resolve the issue and the backlog of requests.


Hi - How can I tell if I’ve been issued an SSL certificate? And how long do you think the wait is? I don’t know if I’ve been issued one or if I got denied or if I’m still pending :frowning:


Look under Edge Certificates on the crypto tab. If there is a certificate listed there with your host name it should be active. Typically it takes only a couple of hours to issue an SSL cert though our internal SLA is 24 hours and due to an issue with the CA has been taking a bit longer than that on average. I believe the backlog is being worked through right now though and should be back to normal levels soon.


Ok… so it’s been continuing for way too long - I want to get on with this already - can I just disconnect from you guys and from the hosting service I’m on and use my domain elsewhere? because clearly this is not working, and I feel like every time I ask for support I get yet another answer saying to wait. I really am done waiting. I want my SSL - now I want to understand, is my domain screwed? Do I need to get a new domain now because google I’ve been waiting for so long for an SSL I want to know if this process of me waiting with you guys somehow messed it up. I want a new paid hosting site with an SSL certificate - but before I disconnect from you guys I want to know if what I did here with you and the hosting service I’m on has created a problem for my domain since I paid a lot of money for it. Thank you.


You can delete your website from Cloudflare, and move your nameservers back to there original place. Have you tried contacting support?


I’ve contacted a million people, I erased it already thank you


@casting.monkeys no problem


My SSL has not approved for 2 days, is it normal? Domain: is my webgame that started to give security error something like this, but I already did the scan and did not find any type of virus.


We’ve recently had quite a backlog of SSL certificates, but I believe this should be resolved. I’d recommend opening a support ticket to have them research.


Hello, I am also having trouble with getting an active SSL certificate for my free website, so I purchased a dedicated certificate yesterday morning. However nothing has changed on my Crypto page in more than 2 days. I submitted a request for support before buying the dedicated certificate, but was told a tech engineer will get to me “shortly”. How do I resolve my SSL issue now that I’ve purchased a dedicated certificate?


Can you check under edge certificates and see if you have one (or more) listed there? The UI change is a bit subtle when a cert has been issued.


There are 3 certs listed there for the website, but it doesn’t show up above that I have active certs. what do I need to do now so that my site opens? Thank you.

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That should be an active cert. If you go to your site with does it give an error?