Anything on https://www.domain gets redirected to and then back to the naked domain with the https:// again

I am using webflow as my hosting - I am having issues with the redirects.

Everything seems okay off the screen but when we run our audits we keep seeing that there are redirects that is preventing us from ranking.

We have the naked domain as our primary domain. But our problem is the HTTPS to HTTP and then HTTPS again.

Just like here in the image.

Hoping to find answers regarding this problem.

Thanks guys!

Your DNS records are not proxied, so this does not come from Cloudflare in the first place but from your origin. You’ll need to check your server configuration I am afraid.

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What do you mean not proxied?

Once I get to the origin, where should I be looking at? Redirects? DNS Zones?

Trying to figure all this out at the moment.


The records are set to :grey:. But that’s not the actual issue, your server is sending those redirects. Unfortunately server administration is beyond the scope of the forum and better discussed at StackExchange or Reddit. But you best check your log files and configuration files on your server.

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