Anyone with hostgator using cloudflare successfully?


I have a hosting plan with hostgator but I can not make it work with CloudFlare.
I am getting the message:
Subject: *

Issuer: COMODO RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA

Is it possible that hostgator doesn’t allows to cloudflare to install the SSL in our servers?

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Hostgator is compatible with Cloudflare. This error is because the connection is not using your domain name to connect, so the browser is expecting SSL to have your domain, but the connection is going to a *.hostgator domain.

Are you using a CNAME in your DNS settings?

Did you set up your Cloudflare account here, or did you do it on Hostgator?

The best way to set up DNS is to use “A” records with the IP address of your server.


Hi. Thank you for your answer!
I did set up my CloudFlare account here. I do not remember if i used CNAME when I was setting up DNS from CloudFlare. I will restart the process. And i will try to find the way to use IP address in the “A” records. Thank you!

ps: from hostgator support I was told that it was “Not possible no get ssl from other seller”. May be we didn’t understand each other with support from Hostgator.


It’s not unusual for hosting providers to install third party SSL certificates. Certs are moneymakers.


All “A” records has my server IP Address but localhost. settings are using CNAME. But the error message stills. What can it be?


Without an SSL certificate on your server, you should be using “Flexible” for SSL at Cloudflare.

What’s the domain?


But now the others domain are working properly. Does it has something to do with propagation?
Thank you very much for your help!

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