Anyone with Groove that has it forwarded the groove servers

The client and server don’t support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite

yes, to my knowledge cloudflare is for ssl, groove is for hosting

Your hosting also needs to have SSL. Using Cloudflare for SSL is like putting a lock on the front door, but leaving the back door wide open.

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I understand security. The issue I am having is that when you forward your domain from cloudflare to Groove’s server’s you receive an SSL issue. I was wondering if anyone had solved that yet. If not I decided the best and swiftest way around it just change the DNS servers to the Groove servers and delete everything in the records section in cloudflare and then point your domain name to the new Groove servers and allow Groove servers to write the all the DNS records require. If you need mx records poiinting to some other servers then you need to add in the mx records. But thank you for your response.


Byron (redacted}

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