Anyone used Custom Domains with Cloudflare?

I am wondering whether anyone has been able to use the Custom Domain feature in with a domain on Cloudflare. The instructions are to “add 2 A records” but the Verification fails when I add as instructed. Anyone has any experience with and/or and suggestions?
Thanks. Richard

Did you make sure the records are not proxied? Otherwise they point to the proxies and whatever that verification verifies will probably not work.

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Thanks for the advice.
So I have 3 A records … one is ‘Proxied’ to Cloudways (where the website is hosted) and 2 A records are ‘DNS only’ that point to
I still get fails…
Any other thoughts?
Can someone confirm if this functionality is permitted by Cloudflare?
Thanks. Richard

Whichever record you want to use for that verification will have to be unproxied. Make sure they are and you should be fine.

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