Anyone seen /safeencodedurl !safeencodedurl_c for static files?


Hey Community!

Using Cloudflare I recently found strange discovered URLs to my sites cache plugin:!safeencodedurl_c

They lead to 404. Any one saw this before? Could this be manipulated by cloudflare? I couldn’t replicate this using my browsers… It only appears testing premiumwp[dot]io with

Using: CloudFlare CDN, WordPress latest, Elementor, Swift Pro Caching



Loaded via your CSS


Coincidentally, someone else had the same exact problem yesterday:


Hey, Even I am using swift performance plugin and faced the same problem and its solution as well. This problem is caused when you merge css. So, just uncheck merge css and this should be resolved.



found the solution though and shared as well!


Hey! Thank you, but unmerging CSS on like 40 websites I manage is NOT an option at the moment. I’ll get in touch with SWIFT developers…


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