Anyone know what to do when this happens in WordPress?

Hi. Yeah I login to my WordPress admin and instead it goes to an all-white screen

My domain is going through Cloudflare’s DNS here at Cloudflare

Could Cloudflare be conflicting with my WP site?

When I click on my domain here at Cloudflare, is there something I have to do - or add - under the ‘DNS’ Tab?


Hi @32s2000, usually white-screen errors like this are something on your hosting provider’s side. The errors we generate will have a status code and detailed information. In this case, I suspect your origin is returning an empty page.

A couple of things to try: If you pause Cloudflare (overview tab, lower right under advanced actions) does the issue go away? Next, If you enable development mode does the problem go away?

Thank you so much Cloonan, I will try those - and post update later

Thanks again,

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Coonan, I tried both separately and refreshed each time but both are still showing the all-white screen.

Then I tried both off at the same time but that didn’t work either.

My Hosting Co. hasn’t gotten back to me in 2 weeks, right when I need them.

Do you know of anything else I could try - besides a better Hosting Co. ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Hi @32s2000,

There are way too many possible causes of a white screen on WordPress. If you go to and search for “white screen” you’ll see many similar topics involving different plugins conflicting somehow with WP after an upgrade of either.

I’d suggest you visit your admin area with Dev Tools open (F12 on Windows/Chrome) and check the console for any errors it may point. This could give you a hint as to what plugin may be causing the problem. Then head to the WP support forum linked to above and hopefully you’ll find a similar issue. Otherwise just open a ticket with the plugin support forum, or the general WP support forum.

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Ok. Thank you for your help

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Right now my question isn’t being answered at WordPres forum…

Do you think I need to add an ‘A’ record or anything else to the DNS section?

Hi, sorry for ongoing issues, did you try the pause Cloudflare and dev mode steps to troubleshoot? That will say if is or is not cf and put us down right troubleshooting hopper.

Yes I did unfortunately lol none of them worked. I finally had to hire someone and they fixed it . Thank you for your reply Cloonan

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