Anyone know how to get a response on an 11 day old open ticket?

I have an open ticket because Access is not allowing me to add an Azure group to an Access Group using the Object ID. I got a response the day I opened the ticket telling me to follow the documentation I used in the first place, and then nothing since. 11 days can’t be normal, right?

Hi @jsayers, can you share your ticket number here? And, if you received an automated reply that did not address the issue, can you make sure to respond and indicate that you need further assistance.

Thanks. Ticket number is 2002177. I got a reply from Paige the day I opened the ticket asking for a screenshot, which I added. Nothing since. I’ve asked within the ticket several times for a reply back, and I’ve gotten nothing, so I appreciate you stepping in.



Thanks for the continued patience and apologies on the delayed response.
We’re glad to know the issue is now resolved.


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