Anyone know how to fix a DNS Error 1014?

We’ve had Cloudflare for years and had some partners in there recently adding records and we figured out that the www URL has to be typed in it’s fullness in order for people to hit our sales pages. It didn’t used to be that way so we filled a request to Clickfunnels who told us our CNAME records are wrong. I tried to add them and it told me they were already in the Cloudflare DNS system but I couldn’t find them. Figured the two odd A records were them. I deleted them and deleted the incorrect www DNS record and added both CNAME records as instructed by Clickfunnels. When I hit submit, it gave me an error 1014. Here’s the new ones attached, it won’t let me post the old one since I can only post one pic at a time. Let me know what you guys think. The whole site is down and I don’t want to put everything back the wrong way again.

Thank you so much for any help you can give.

Looks like this is the before post. I removed the two A records and deleted that CNAME domainconnect link because I don’t know what that is. Doesn’t sound good. I changed one of my CNAME’s to @ and then target.clickfunnels dot com which is the recommended setting. and the www CNAME to altostrading which is our business.

When I hit submit, it gave me an error 1014.

To allow CNAME record resolution to a domain in a different Cloudflare account, the domain owner of the CNAME target must use Cloudflare for SaaS.

Clickfunnels who told us our CNAME records are wrong.

It sounds like this may be an issue with CNAME flattening
Proxied records are flattened by default as they return Cloudflare IPv4 and IPv6 addresses rather than a CNAME record. So if Clickfunnels is expecting to see a particular CNAME record, it will need to be gray clouded.

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