Anyone know anything about wpautoblog auto blog posting software?

anyone know anything about wpautoblog auto blog posting software?

i have this software for blog creation and posting. It aws working fine for a while and then it stopped posting on my blogs. when I contacted their support, they said Cloudflare is blocking. I took all the necessary steps to try to fix the issue, but it is still not working. Their support is still telling me that its being blocked by cloufare. I’m stuck and don’t know how to fix this issue. Can anyone help?

You can view the security events after a post is scheduled and see what rule you may have implemented that is blocking it.

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Apparently everything was working fine until, you guys turned off that feature on the free plan, so now I have to buy a plan.

Can you share what steps you took?

Did you try to create a WAF rule to allow the IP or ASN of wpautoblog?

yes I did

What do I do? Just move to another service?

Is the screen you shared from the doc you are following from wpautoblog? The rule you created is as described on the image you shared.

:point_up: is from :point_right:

Screenshot 2024-06-10 at 3.49.42 PM

:confused: Can you / did you ask Hendrik what settings they’d like you to change? And change from what to what?

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Yes that’s the screen from the wpautoblog,

"Cloudflare blocks our API calls to your REST endpoint from the url with the user agent wpautoblog.

They should stop blocking them".

If I go to, I see 7 blocks, none of the IPs of the blocks are the IP in the access rule you have

You may want to verify the IP they provided, perhaps share the IPs you see under events to see if that is the traffic you expect and/or can you ask them for their ASN to create a rule for that?

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