Anyone get into email routing

Is it only me or everyone. Who can see this tab

I can see it too

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It’s looks like a new feature as follows:

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As if I could love CloudFlare any more!!!

Our team is working on reviewing and approving the requests. We appreciate your patience.


Forward me to your team, I can’t wait for this feature :sweat_smile:

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Could you please :blush: tell how long it will take, I opted in through the form and through dashboard for email routing

@sdayman did you get access to email routing?

Chill man, it’ll roll out be patient.


Its a good feature that why can’t control but if you said I will try my best to control :grin:

Sounds nice, but perhaps I need it ELI5. I don’t see the immediate need for this?

I’m still required to have an email host i.e. an IMAP/POP + SMTP server.
Most competent email hosts have filtering/alias/forwarding facility.

Currently I have several domains. All are being checked for arriving email by a single Gmail box. The Gmail account is configured to send email through the appropriate SMTP corresponding to the relevant Domain.

What am I missing?

Its been 8 days, any update on cloudflare email routing or anyone got the access?


Lots of competent email hosts put limits on the number of custom domains and aliases. Protonmail only allow one or two custom domains on their Plus and Pro plans. Office 365 has a 400 alias limit on a mailbox. I have several domains where we just want an [email protected] address to receive email, but would prefer no to go through the whole setup on our mail provider for a new domain with just a single receive-only address. And many people get their email forwarding from their Registrar. With the rollout of Cloudflare Registrar more widely, some basic email handling eliminates the need for many people to have a separate email service with their old provider.


I can’t wait! I’m sure I signed up within minutes of the blog post going live…

I did the same thing,

im Also see this ,if someone got access please ,post update …
also waiting …

Also waiting for Email Routing ,could you please tell me how much time to wait ?
is it could take days,weeks or months ?
Many Thanks

Yes. If Cloudflare doesn’t announce a specific timeframe, it just means it’s in process and will show up whenever it’s approved for release.

OK, Thanks i got it.
i thouth Cloudflare like adding users by one or by some amount users to this future while its in beta …

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For as long as I can remember cloudflare has said they don’t plan to support email routing or protection, this is a great welcome change to that and I’m more than happy to wait a little bit longer. The fact that this is even a thing was unthinkable at one point.