Anyone from Vietnam can add domain *

Hi there,

Anyone from Vietnam know the way to add country domain with top level domain “” like “” or something like that ?

CF now detect as subdomains so i cant add it. is not an official SLD of .vn, hence you wont be able to add any of its domains to Cloudflare, unless you own of course, in which case you need to add the domain itself.

Thanks for replying, but it’s official SLD like “”, no one own as well, VNNIC only sell domain like “”

It is neither listed at nor at

If you believe it is an official SLD you need to request its inclusion at

Can you provide a source for being a public suffix?

You can read here from VNNIC (Vietnam Internet Network Information Center):ệ-thống-tên-miền?lang=en

Section III, artical 4
“4. Shared level 2 unsigned domain names classified according to administrative boundaries are domain names named after the names of provinces and centrally-run cities without seal and are used together without being separately granted to any agency. Any organization or individual (,, …).”

and artical 7a:
a) Second-level Vietnamese domain names shared by administrative boundaries are Vietnamese domain names named after provinces and centrally run cities and used together without being separately granted to any agency or organization. any individual (, …);

That mean only subdomain like, etc… can be use by individual, organization or agency.

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