Anyone Experiencing Network Issues Today in North America?


I host multiple sites on multiple servers with KnownHost. Most (or all) sites experience very slow network since last night. All sites use CloudFlare, and KnownHost thinks it’s a CloudFlare issue.

CloudFlare states no current issues in North America.

Anyone else has issues?

Thank you for your feedback

No degraded performance for me. Keep in mind that itself is on Cloudflare and is performing well. Granted, it’s on an Enterprise plan.

Try connecting to your and see if you’re being routed through a local datacenter.

I too am having issues with my Cloudflare web properties on KnownHost. Very frustrating. No one has answers both are blaming the other.

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Two locations are rerouted at the moment. Do the locations match with your location or your hosting provider?

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I’m also on KnownHost and also having these issue since around 6am UTC today. Lots of slow page loading, and intermittent 520 and 525 errors from various different regions. KnownHost are blaming Cloudflare, yet there’s no indication of any issues on Cloudflare’s service status site.

So far I see nobody complaining about CloudFlare except for the 2 of us: KnownHost users… Maybe the issue is actually with KnownHost. Other sites that I rout through CloudFlare but don’t use KnownHost - have no issues.

Did you try bypassing CloudFlare to see if the issue is fixed? For me it didn’t help.

Thank you

That’s certainly a clue. After you bypassed Cloudflare, did you confirm that you were connecting directly to your server?

Bypassing Cloudflare does resolve the issue for me, but that isn’t a workable solution.

Ironically, KnownHost’s own community forums are intermittently returning 520/525 errors for me also, even when I connect from different regions.

I wonder if part of KnownHost’s network is being “blocked” by Cloudflare for some reason?

After I started to bypass CloudFlare, the SSL certificate switched from CloudFlare to Comodo. I assume this is a confirmation that traffic does not rout through CloudFlare. Still major network issues.

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It could be a peering issue with the route between KnownHost and Cloudflare, and other networks. So while KnownHost’s servers and some/most network connections could be fine, there may be outer routes with issues.

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Any way to check/test the route between KnownHost & Cloudflare? Would that be something KnownHost would need to do from their end?

You’d have to comb through the Peering database and figure out the route. Maybe someone else has a better idea.


I’m also on Knownhost and getting random 520 and 525 Errors on my sites. Not sure what’s causing it. Sometimes a page shows an error, and then it works again after refreshing it soon after.

EDIT: I am based in the UK.

Can someone please open a ticket to Support? Be sure to include a RayID, and if possible, the “colo” from your The 520 screen might also show the colocation as the center hop to the connection.
And post the Ticket # here so it gets pushed along.

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Hi, KnownHost here.

We’re attempting to reach out via ticket #2151006 and/or directly to the CF NOC regarding this issue. We began receiving reports of this issue intermittently last night which aligned to the times CF was conducting DC maintenance.

We monitor our network & all routes internally and externally from multiple points across the globe and have recorded zero instances of network instability during this period. CloudFlare does not seem to provide any looking glass to test these network routes from their different locations and points of presence.

We will continue to attempt to work with CloudFlare to identify these issues, but only CF will be able to provide the information necessary to troubleshoot this further from a network perspective.


I have included the requested RayID and colo information

Ticket #2151025

Let’s see if @cloonan or @cscharff can nag someone to look at this ticket (2151006).

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Ticket #[2151035]

Also, KnownHost have now acknowledged a potential issue with Cloudflare on their forum (Under Investigation - Increased reports of CloudFlare 520 Errors | KnownHost Community Forum)

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We’re still awaiting any factual communication from CF regarding this issue. We have continued to test and probe our network and routing from multiple paths across the globe and have yet been able to reproduce any connectivity issues outside of CloudFlares network.

At this time the only recommendation we can make to customers is to disable or bypass Cloudflare on your website until they respond to this issue and provide a resolution to the problem stemming from their network.

As we stated before if a customer can reproduce this issue outside of CF we will gladly dig into it further since we can generated detailed / reproducible data but as of this post, we’ve received no such complaints or information.

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It could be a Cloudflare issue, someone on the workers discord was experiencing timeouts to workers (and multiple people verified this from multiple locations)