Anyone experience Inflated CF Analytics Numbers Recently?

I experience inflated number off statistics in my analytics (including worker usage which i track using voluum) its 10x the original volume. Why is it? Usually if my trackers (yandex metrica, google analytics, voluum) show 1000 UV past 24 hours. The stats in cloudflare will be around that number maybe only 5% differs. Now all my sites (not just 1) stats is inflated to 10x what my trackers shows. Do cloudflare changing how it counts statistics recently? This is bad for me but good for cloudflare. its not fair.

Does anyone else seeing this pattern as well?

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I noticed on there were analytic issues a few days ago, I don’t know if that impact what you’re seeing or not.

But, did find this conversation, Traffic by domain with a link to this very good discussion,
Cloudflare analytics data is right or vulnerable