Anyone else in the recent days getting small attacks from facebook bots?

in the last days they started sending me once in a while a 300-400 requests per minute for the same url
with user agent of

facebookexternalhit/1.1 (+

the ip and asn seems legit:

32934 2a03:2880:10ff:a::face:b00c

(just noticed all the ipv6 ends with faceb00c)
I wonder what behind thats, it annoying me triggering the ddos alerts

Is that on a domain behind Cloudflare? Are you rewriting IP addresses? Any chance you did not limit it to connections from Cloudflare?

the domain behind Cloudflare(my logs are coming from worker)… its a legit facebook bot not an attack but I dont understand what reason they have to send that many requests a minute to same url

In that case that is something only Facebook could answer. Rather unrealistic but could it be someone discovered an amplification attack via Facebook?

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Yes have been seeing the same here but from various Facebook IPv4 ranges

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Since last Wednesday we’ve seen it happening on various sites which are on various servers. Many times the load skyrockets due to this.

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