Anyone else has problem with "user_lookup" API?

Hi Guys,

Since few days “user_lookup” not working and I receive 522 error (Connection timed out).

I use this method to check if a user is already signed up to CF, and since this problem started, I can’t sign up new customers.

Does anyone else has this problem?


There’s no such API on Cloudflare.

If you are referring to your own site, then the article you already linked to has all the details on that error.

There is ofcourse, I use it all the time:

From Host API (Cloudflare Hosting Provider API | Cloudflare | The web performance & security company)

3.2.4 - “user_lookup” - Lookup a user’s Cloudflare account information (optional)

This act parameter is used to lookup information about a User’s existing Cloudflare account. This action is typically used to check if the account exists or to retrieve a user_key . You do not need to support this function if you plan to store the user_key on your system.

That’s an API from ten years ago which is not really maintained any more.

The current API is at and does not have any such call.

You best check out Cloudflare API v4 Documentation

Thanks for your reply sandro, but this is the HOST API, I know it’s old, but CF still refers partners to this API.

I didn’t find with the new api (v4) the option to Sign Up users as a partner. Can you show me how?


They are still referring you now to it? Wouldn’t have expected that as that should really be the legacy API and I would not even expect any SLAs for it any more. I may be wrong of course.

It might be that they really haven’t migrated that yet, but that’s something really Cloudflare could tell you best. I presume you have a contact there, as a partner, right? If so, I’d drop them a message as you’ll probably get a better answer than here. Not many partners on the forum.

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Working for me. Here is an example

# php cloudflare_hostapi.php USER_LOOKUP cloudflare_email [email protected]
    [request] => Array
            [act] => user_lookup
            [cloudflare_email] => [email protected]

    [response] => Array
            [user_exists] => 1
            [cloudflare_email] => [email protected]

It probably simply was a temporary issue with the API.

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