Anyone else feeling old today?


Hard to believe how far we’ve come from BBS’s, Dialup and what we have today. Wondering what the Elders of the Internet and Al Gore are doing to celebrate… :slight_smile:

and my favourite clip of all time


A shame the Hawk won’t demagnetise it himself any more. :bowing_man:t2:

The adoption of the Internet (or the WWW in particular) brought tremendous changes to social interactions and the way we deal with many day to day tasks. To be honest, though, a lot of current technology is not that much different from twenty years ago. Reddit is a slower and more colourful version of the Usenet, Whatsapp is a glorified IRC and ICQ, and text editors are still textediting with the difference they now take 100 megabyte instead of kilobyte :slight_smile:

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image to the Hawk!

I don’t miss the good ol’ days when a single image or mp3 would take 1+ hrs to download. Forget streaming, text was agonizing enough. Forget IPFS, you could share a folder on your desktop for the world to see :crazy_face:
The cost and complexity have dropped significantly whiles speeds are going through the roof.
Makes you wonder what the next 30 will bring.


Bandwidth certainly increased, no doubt about that. I also still remember when a single MP3 could take a day to download because it was slow on all ends. Streaming is a nice thing, though I wouldnt necessarily call it a fundamental leap in technology, it is just the direct result of aforementioned bandwidth increase.

But, yes, it certainly will be interesting what the next 30 years will bring, even just the next ten :slight_smile:

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