Anyone done this, what to expect downtime moving CF-to-(new)CF account

I would like to move a domain in my account over to it’s own stand-alone CF account. The support doc on this doesn’t specify how long that type of cutover usually takes when moving something inside CF between accounts which would most likely require changing to a different CF NS. Generally, adding CF is quick and has little downtime, if any. But I want to manage expectations and plan for downtime if this type of internal change takes a while. fwiw -I don’t have DNSSEC enabled the current NS is on CF ( - thanks in advance.

As long as the two accounts are identically configured there should be no downtime.

Do you have a particular concern?

Thanks Sandro - yes, because the NS has to change since it’s a different CF account. The rest would remain identical though.

The accounts should be configured like twins. Everybody is looking at the first one now. Then when you change the name servers, some people will start looking at the second one at the blink of an eye, but it looks just like the first one. Eventually they will all be looking at the second one, but nobody will know they’ve been switched.

Just make sure the two accounts are configured identically, particularly the DNS records but also all other features you are using (e.g. Workers, firewalls) and requests will be handled in the same way.

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Thanks all, replicated everything and it went perfectly - appreciate the help!

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