Anyone care to help me with DNS? [smtp subdomain]


Some backgorund, I have domain through NameCheap and a VPS through HostUs which is running the webserver. I’m using Cloudflare nameservers. I got my simple wordpress site up and running. However, since I’m not using any hosted services I’m finding it difficult to incorporate full email functionality. I want to add when someone emails my domain it is redirected to a gmail account. Therefore, I have install postfix on the VPS and configured it do so.

So I went to add an MX record to my DNS settings on Cloudflare … Given the warning, I went to make a subdomain. Namecheap support says I’ll have to deal with Cloudflare for this given I use their nameservers? There is no option on NameCheap’s dns to do so. So I read I can make like a subdomain using an A record. The emails I’m sending the address are not being delivered.

Anyone out there willing to help me sort this out? It would be greatly appreciated.


Click the cloud icon next to your ‘mail.’ record, it will change ti :grey:.
This should solve your problem.

Be aware that this will reveal your origin’s ip address of your website if the same host handles your mail traffic.


Yes. I’ve learned since then to have another IP for email services. Thank you for your help.

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