Anyone can help me remove proxy ? i am willing to pay

i dont have cloudflare account but my domain. show i have a cloudflare proxy i need to remove this from my domain my register is go daddy and i am trying to connect to sho pify store but can not any help ?

Any error or anything?

Here’s Shopify’s instructions to manually link up your domain to your store:

Note that you’ll need to go to your domain’s DNS Manager to add the necessary DNS records provided in the above Shopify support page to your domain.

If your domain is using Cloudflare’s nameservers, then you’d add the DNS records in your Cloudflare account. But if your domain is using GoDaddy or some other 3rd-party nameservers then that’s where you’ll need to go to add the necessary DNS records.

If you could share your domain, we could take a look and better advise you.

Good luck!

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